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Add trust by selling under your own domain or sub-domain.


Run promotions and increase sales by creating promotion links.


Describe what you sell with rich text, images and videos.


We send email receipts to your buyers and notifications to you.

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Your page looks great on mobile. It works even with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Add a livechat, Google Analytics snippet or any extra you need.

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Add various plans, sell memberships.

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Collect shipping address and quantity.

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Consulting or freelance services.

Consulting services

Grandma's cookies

Your new fitness ebook

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Can I sell subscriptions?

Yes, you can sell recurring products and add multiple plans to your page. Your customers have access to a page to update and cancel their subscription.

How to use my own domain?

In your domain dashboard, add a CNAME record from your domain to Then, add the domain in your page advanced settings. We will generate a HTTPS certificate for it (can take several minutes).

Is it ready for the European payments regulations?

Yes! It is PCI compliant and SCA ready so that's one less thing for you to think about.

Is there any API? How can I check for payments?

You can use all of Stripe's API and use their webhooks to do something on payments, as Litch is directly tied to your Stripe account.

Why can't the user manually input coupons?

We found that having a "Do you have a coupon?" button decreases conversion, as some buyers will think they can have the product for less and start searching for coupons. That's why we chose to use links to trigger coupons instead.

I don't have a Stripe account, can I still use Litch?

Yes, you will be walked through creating one which is pretty fast.

What are the fees?

If you upgrade your account we don't take any fee. Otherwise, we take a 3% fee on payments. This is in addition to the Stripe fees (varies by country).

How do you send files to my buyers?

After purchase of your digital products, we send an email with links to your files. Those links will work for 1 hour.

How to integrate it to my website?

Add a link on your website to the page. In your page settings, set a redirect URL so users get sent back after a payment. You can also add a customdomain and change the CSS of the page.

What country is this available in?

You can sell to people worldwide but to create a Litch account you have to be in a country where Stripe is supported.